Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello everyone,
I have found a way to get this cause Out there!
I found this link that allows you to send a letter to
the Prime Minister about why this NEEDS to stop.

The link is:

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Contact your local member for parliament!

Please if you could send a letter to your local member of parliament and voice your support of banning live export.
This is becoming a serious matter, and sadly we have attempted to stop this by protesting a lot and spreading the news but it failed because the government didn't accept our claim! Please help us by following my blog and spreading the news of this disgusting cause!  

Help us Stop this act of Cruelty!

Hello Followers!

We need to get this message out there! Please pass this message on to others that this NEEDS to stop! This is so wrong just for one minute take the time out to think of how those poor animals are being treated that you are about to eat. So follow this blog and get the message out there!

There is a video you should see regarding this cause. 

WARNING: Contains scenes some may find disturbing